Envisioning Chemistry

Envisioning Chemistry is the sequel to
award-winning Beautiful Chemistry 


About Envisioning Chemistry

Envisioning Chemistry is a collaboration project between Beauty of Science and Chinese Chemical Society. It is also the sequel to the award-winning project Beautiful Chemistry launched 3 years ago. Building on the success of Beautiful Chemistry, which let millions of people discovered the unique beauty of chemistry, we want to achieve two goals for Envisioning Chemistry:

Making more and better films of chemical reactions to amaze more people

To achieve this goal, we took two approaches. The first was the artistic approach, in which we used chemical reactions as an essential element in the film media, together with music and editing, to explore the new possibility of film-making. The second was the technical approach, in which we took advantages of the state-of-the-art photography equipment, including high-resolution microscopes, infrared thermal imaging cameras, high-speed cameras, and 4K Ultra HD cameras, to reveal beauty of chemical reactions like never before. 

Helping teachers engage students in classrooms and teach chemistry efficiently

For each film, we created a useful worksheet for teachers. The films will get students excited, and the worksheets will help them master some key chemical knowledge. In addition, to solve the challenge of how to effectively demonstrate chemical reactions in classrooms, we created a resource covering most of the chemical reactions in the high school chemistry curriculum. These chemical reactions were captured in great details so that every student in the classroom can make his/her own discoveries.

Envisioning Chemistry includes 15 beautiful films and about 200 educational videos about chemical reactions. (See awards and media coverage.) We have plans to continue releasing new films and educational videos in the future. Through our efforts, we hope more people could appreciate the beauty and magic of chemistry. We also hope that we could help teachers teach chemistry more effectively and efficiently.


Words from the Film Creators

From Wenting ZHU

Envisioning Chemistry tries to capture a purely objective record of chemical reactions. It grasps the images by using a macro lens and a microscope. In this way of viewing, we have a chance to look at tiny shapes and textures generated in this process, that allows me to experience the inexperienced things and perceive the unseen.

I was led to approaching a brand-new world. The various shapes of tiny creations in chemical reactions have an obvious connection with the nature world.

There is no end to discoveries that we can have if we seek them with our eyes open and in new perspectives. All these explorations are more than telling an answer.

From Yan LIANG

Just by numbers, Envisioning Chemistry (15 films, 25 min total length) is a big step forward from Beautiful Chemistry (8 films, 7 min total length).

We also strive to improve the quality of every film in Envisioning Chemistry. With Wenting ZHU, who majored in visual communication, exploring the artistic side of chemical reactions, my role is to expand the scope of chemical reactions covered in Envisioning Chemistry and to implement the latest technologies, such as high-res infrared thermal imaging, to capture the magic of the chemical reactions that cannot be seen by naked eyes. 

Finally, I would like to thank the support and trust we got from Chinese Chemical Society.


Film Production

Photographer/Film Editor
Wenting ZHU, Yan LIANG

Experiment Design
Yan LIANG, Wenting ZHU

Experiment Support
Huali WANG, Xuchen ZHANG

Film Producer


Education Resource

Experiment Design
Kai WANG, Wei GONG, Huali WANG, Dingli WANG, Yuqiang DONG

Worksheet Design

Experiment Support
Xuchen ZHANG


Video Editor
Xiang ZHANG, Xuchen ZHANG, Yan LI

Graphic Designer
Yuxuan GUAN


Project Support

External Collaboration
Xin GAO, Daping SUN

Social Media Support
Xin GAO, Xiaoyu WANG, Cong LI

Awards and Recognitions